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  Created by me, Bob B., whose lengthy radio career dates to the "early" days of FM rock radio, the free-form progressive rock era. I considered myself to be an explorer. I would listen to a lot of music and play the most interesting tracks on the radio. Thanks to the internet, this kind of free-form radio is possible again. This is the 21st century version.

  It's not the big hits or classic rock, it's the other great music that's been recorded over the years and up until the present. This music represents a lifetime of exploration...which continues to this day. It's guaranteed you will hear music that you'd never heard before hearing it here.

Why "Early Rock Show"? I did a radio show by that name in the 1990s, but did not come up with the name originally. It was chosen by the Program Director at the time because it was a throwback to the "early" days of FM rock radio and was on "early" on Sunday mornings. The show was quite popular despite its lousy time slot. People would get up early on Sundays just to tune in.

I embraced the name and, when it came time to start my own internet radio station, named it after that show.


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